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joy14Posted - 4 November 2001 20:26  Show Profile
I am trying to decide what career i want to go into when i get my ged. My interests are computers, teaching kids, sales
StephieBaby83 Posted - 7 November 2001 4:31  Show Profile
Hey! Well no one can really tell you what career to choose for yourself. Just think of what you enjoy doing most and if you can see yourself doing that for practically the rest of your life, that''s the choice for you. But remember, most people change their minds. My best advice is to give yourself some time to think about your options. The first 2 years of college are basic courses, so you don''t have to know your major right away. You said you like teaching kids, computers, and sales. You could think about teaching a computer class to kids or even a sales class. Just do what you feel is right for you! Good Luck! :o)
Pongbangkok Posted - 12 November 2001 6:46  Show Profile
Read www.themillionairemind.com, www.webonomics.com</P><P>One example from the first book, one high school drop out served his life in the battle field while his friends were killed, so he decided to be a doctor. And he is now a millionaire as a radiologist.
Jesica0217 Posted - 7 March 2007 14:0  Show Profile
If you like technology (computers) and kids a good thing would be ultra-sound!! thats what Im going to o for this summer.. you can find a tech school its 2 year or LES.. if you cant get money (grants) for it. Its not so expenssive a person couldnt take a loan out for .. about 2,000 a sem.. not bad since you start off at 52,000 a year.. that is average.. in the city you can make up to about 70,000.. Its similar to radiology. aslo a 2year degree! good luck!!!
lilron3005 Posted - 6 November 2007 10:52  Show Profile
i have a choice to make about what career i want to take because i want to own my own buisness since i was little but i also want to create my own games this 2 things r all i every ant to do so wich 1 do u guys think i should go for.
raqia Posted - 31 August 2008 3:41  Show Profile
i think you should choose the most important and only career you want it with your life. you can always change anytime and start the other one. good luck. ^.^ i know it's too late

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