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Rachel2628Posted - 2 February 2007 18:50  Show Profile
Hi! I'm new here, and I really need some advice. My name is Rachel, and I'm still only 17. I turn 18 later this month. I have a lot of medical problems, and high school has been extremely difficult for me. Due to illness, I fell two years behind. All my friends graduate this year, but I still have two years left after this. My school says if I take 3 classes as summer school, I MAY be able to graduate next year, but I would have to also take a full class load, and even with two study halls this year, I'm struggling because of the ammount of school I miss. I'm terrified that I wont be able to do it with all my medical problems, so I've been concidering dropping out and getting a GED instead. I know that the college I want to go to will accept a GED, but I'm still worried about future employment, and that schools and jobs may look down on the fact that I have a GED. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should do?
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 23:34  Show Profile
I know a girl with med problems to...if your 2 years behind..then why not? U prob won't be able to handle so many classes at once..come on you're only human...besides heard u can get GED in 6th months..on your own time..and take as logn as you need.... if your med problems prevent you from attending school then this might be a good idea...besides it's not like we learn much in hs anyway...too many students in a classroom anyway.....thinking aobut dropping and getting GED as well becasue of that and the Crap that goes around school.... but u deffinatly have a good reason to get ur GED..as long as ur college will accept a GED and you make the scores alrgiht..don't see why not..but it's ur choice.

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