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rebeccaanderson911Posted - 29 October 2001 8:0  Show Profile
I am a 27 year old female who has finally decided it is time to go to college. I am about to take my GED and I''m not sure what steps to take after that since I am not financially secure. I want to know what kind of grants or loans are available to me. I''ve heard you can go to college online now, is that true? Someone out there has been through this, please help!!
HAWASURF Posted - 5 November 2001 7:39  Show Profile
I am going to take my GED too, but im having problems on it.
StephieBaby83 Posted - 7 November 2001 3:46  Show Profile
I just wanted to say that is awesome that you are going to take your GED and go to college! I wish you the best of luck! After I take my GED I am planning on starting college asap, so I have been looking all over the net for some sort of money help. I found some pretty good sites that find financial help for you individually based on your heritage and stuff like that. Good Luck!</P><P><BR>Some good sites:</P><P>http://www.fastweb.cpt/<BR>http://encarta.msn.com/college/collegeFinancialAid.asp<BR>http://4scholarships.4anything.com<BR>http://www.finaid.org/</P><P>
GGlenn Posted - 27 January 2002 15:51  Show Profile
To Rebecca: I''ve seen a few two years colleges offer online courses, and I''ve heard that four year colleges do it too. A great help for me when looking up college web sites is:<BR>http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ/state/<BR>It will give you an alphabetical list of all the colleges and universities in each state and their websites. Anyway, my question is: does anyone know what percentage you must have to pass a GED? I have taken three of the five subjects, but I haven''t a clue what the passing grade is. Thanks.
bpchef Posted - 14 February 2002 20:19  Show Profile
Rebecca, <BR> I am also a 27 year-old who has decided to go back to college. Just thought I''d let you know that you are not alone and I thought maybe we could be each others support system.... good luck! And I''d likt oknow what you will be majoring in? Me? ......Education
noorapu Posted - 17 May 2008 14:38  Show Profile
hi! </P><P>i just wanted to let u know that i am also thinking to take ged and go to college. i am 26 and from bangladesh. i already passed high school in bangladesh but i do not know if they will except i here. hence tring tio get the ged.the hardest part is language barrier for me as english is my second lenguage.. does anyone have any suggetion regarding my situation? thanks
arabdan1986 Posted - 26 December 2008 13:11  Show Profile
to 58140...</P><P>hi! can you give me an alphabetical list of all the colleges and universities in each state and their websites? <BR>thanks...))
naquisha Posted - 16 March 2009 13:58  Show Profile
how does it feel 2 be n college
Climaon Posted - 26 March 2009 6:40  Show Profile
Just from high school.Direct me pls.
bleapeheal Posted - 22 April 2009 23:59  Show Profile
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bleapeheal Posted - 23 April 2009 0:3  Show Profile
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Gelisiliy Posted - 29 September 2010 21:46  Show Profile
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WilliamGrey Posted - 10 October 2013 2:39  Show Profile
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_dutchesssq Posted - 13 August 2014 9:20  Show Profile
Hopefully i can start college next fall . i plan to start with a ged.

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