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JPalmer07Posted - 16 January 2007 0:28  Show Profile
taking my G.E.D it's spread out into three days, so the first 2 days i felt i really rushed it and i felt like everyone around me did good considering they finished faster and as i saw that i kinda rushed my self to finish up quicker, so the day of the final test which started at 5 P.M. i decided 2 hour prior that i wouldnt go, i figure i go next month to take it again, but something told me to just go and finish it up what the hell, so i went and 1 week later i passed the G.E.D sooooo stoked, i ended up getting a High school diploma so sweet this was my first time taking it. Just be Confident, i really thought that i was gonna be retaking the test my whole life, but its nothing, just study and eat before going in, dont study tooo hard spread it out, you will remember more, go somewhere quiet, i personally hateeeeeeee quiet places but it paid off
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 23:13  Show Profile
hey...so what all do you need to study if you've gone thro ur sophmore year...y'd u get ur GED? I'm confused to the fact if I want to stay in school or get GED --at school there isn't really much we get to learn through all the distractions.... btw how do that score these things!!!!

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