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LagginAtMath2006Posted - 13 January 2007 12:48  Show Profile
I am having a hard time at this GED stuff for math.. I cant understand fractions or algebra its like just a bunch of letters, numbers and words for me and i don't understand it . When some ppl try to explain it , it just sounds like blah blah blah and i cant get it i dropped out in 7th grade and i passed every test other then math and i need help so can someone please help me? im beggin ya:P
babygirl87 Posted - 18 January 2007 10:15  Show Profile
hey i could probably help you out with the math, and maybe you could help me out with the language part, i am so lost. i go for my language arts test on february 3rd and i am freaking out.
GIRL25 Posted - 18 January 2007 18:15  Show Profile
I need help in math test on 1/22/07
LagginAtMath2006 Posted - 18 January 2007 19:44  Show Profile
What do u need help with in Language arts? I didn't have a problem with it really i only failed by 2 points on each test cept i failed math horribly.. so if u can help me message me at someonezangel22 on yahoo IM or email me at someonezangel2005@Yahoo.com.. thanks
brm74 Posted - 9 February 2007 21:46  Show Profile
don't worry the math test is very easy I took it

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