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tamarastovallPosted - 12 January 2007 20:33  Show Profile
on the ged math tst the first questin has 2 potential right answers. but one gets marked as wrong #1 is also right it comes out as the same as #5 witch is right... yet if you mark #1 its gonna effect your score. i worked this out for a hour trying to figure out what i was doing wrong. but im not wrong..
blackasian Posted - 14 January 2007 16:50  Show Profile
i spent hours try to figure this test out too, all of them, end up buying book. this is driving me nuts.... anyway. am 33 and am trying to get my GED so I could go to college. Anybody her help me please.... I need to know how to get to college at the same time get my GED....
nickalisha Posted - 24 January 2007 20:20  Show Profile
pay a little more attention, an exressions of a number to the nth power, the end result must be between 1 and 10 not 27 or anything else, otherwise there would be three possible answer. the third being number 4
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 23:23  Show Profile
hey..getting ur ged and doing college sounds hard...but pace yourself...study for GED as well as do your hw in College...have to manage your time...(or if this is an option...get ged before start college..if not then) study College for an hour...break..study ged for hour...break. ect........DONT OVERRIDE AND FRY YOUR BRAIN THO!!! ITS LIKE HIGH SCHOOL FINALS!!!!

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