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mand1Posted - 11 January 2007 2:58  Show Profile

I'm 22 in a few weeks and I've taking parts of the test here and there.

I'd get results back and fail by ten points on some portions.

Anywho, so I always have this discussion with my Mother..

What do people like you all do for an occupation? Since everywhere you go it seems nowadays you have to have an High School Diploma or a GED.

I've worked.. before, Daycare..but nothing major other than that thus far..so I'm curious to know what do you all do? If you care to discuss..that'd be grand..

:) I'll check back up on here when I'm online again in the earlier hours than wee-hours. Heh, Have a nice morning/night whichever your case may be.

~ Mand1.

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