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angelalvsjoeyPosted - 9 January 2007 18:7  Show Profile
Just wanted to introduce myself..Took the pratice got a 63% but my 3 year old was also very distracting hee hee..I am getting ready to take the Ged test and also starting college. I live in Ohio and can start coleege while getting my GED as long as pass test by the time I graduate!!! Is anyone else doing the same?
natelavarnway Posted - 12 January 2007 8:26  Show Profile
Columbus/Ohio</P><P>Getting my GED and college will fall soon after:) Havent decided my major=/
angelalvsjoey Posted - 13 January 2007 18:17  Show Profile
I am going for paralegal..starting with ass.then prob a bach..then poss law school
Jesica0217 Posted - 7 March 2007 13:50  Show Profile
I guess Im going to take the GED classes, then the test. I am getting a good tutor for my ACT. Ive already been accepted to the school I want. I am a senior in high school, I would LOVE to graduate but this teacher (english) doesnt seem she wants me too.. I had autumn and austin right before my sr. year, I didnt have day care, so I was still homebound. My 3rd 6wks grades got put with my 2nd. so they wanted me to do MORE work.. so I worked my @ss off, and they still want me to do more work.. It just seems so unfar. I was in college -prep english I asked to be put in normal, because Im going to a tech school. its kinda the slow class, but the teacher singles me out and gives me extra work because Im not really supposed to be in there. Its really easy, Ive made 90-100 on all my work, but somehow I have a 50??? I have never got anything below a 75 in my life, and in a SLOW class I fail..and she wont look at my work and change it.. she knows she is wrong.. plus, if Im not sick one of my kids are.. I feel like $hit because I really truly have worked really hard to stay in school, I know Ill have a Good Enough Diploma, but I wont have a graduation. Ive already ordered my cap and gown, so I guess Ill return it, if I can.. anyways. I needed to vent..
lovedaniel Posted - 27 March 2007 17:51  Show Profile
Sup!!!!!! Im new in her. How it goin?<BR>
avought Posted - 26 April 2007 18:53  Show Profile
Jessica how old are you?

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