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Missbhh06Posted - 2 January 2007 19:1  Show Profile
Okay I'm 15 I am fixing to take my acts I am so scared. Cause in august i am startin college. Any ideas on how to study cause I can't get my self to sit down and study.
tjwilliams89 Posted - 2 January 2007 23:6  Show Profile
First thing first calm down and take it down a thousand, and also practice proper grammar it might help on the test start taking practice exams and work on your strengths and weakness there the truth should unfold are you a 100% prepared for this exam. GOOD LUCK
Missbhh06 Posted - 3 January 2007 10:18  Show Profile
Thanks I'll try
JackFrost07 Posted - 26 February 2008 21:34  Show Profile
If ur 15 and u are going to college in august, i dont think u need to worry about the act.

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