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simona80Posted - 8 December 2006 10:51  Show Profile
I want to pass my GED and i have problem with the reading I need help to be sucessfull.
rimzy Posted - 9 December 2006 21:19  Show Profile
mee too i need help<BR>
Member431 Posted - 10 December 2006 9:20  Show Profile
Reading is easy I think. I have trouble with math. :-(
may318 Posted - 12 December 2006 10:33  Show Profile
me too. I think reading is so hard for me.
shuna Posted - 12 December 2006 13:4  Show Profile
I need to know what to study on for a ged test
flipcolson1 Posted - 3 January 2007 21:4  Show Profile
my problem is, when i read the passage<BR>i see whats going on, but i end up picking the wrong one,pleasse explain.
mansy Posted - 23 January 2007 15:18  Show Profile
i have problems in reading.Everytime i read a passage or phrase and biggen to answer the questions i forget all i read.What should i do to get over this.?
ken17doll Posted - 25 January 2007 15:5  Show Profile
me to hate reading!
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 23:26  Show Profile
do vocab tests!!! on yourself.. a higher level of vocab will help you to understand what your reading..if you can't then use contex clues...or try to figure out what a word says by reading the entire sentence.....that usually helps.. if you don't get it don't get to frustrated as well,......reading books are a good way to help your reading level as well..... hope this helps but it's the math that gets me ..reading is really good.... break a leg!
hENRICE Posted - 20 February 2007 15:50  Show Profile
babyaman Posted - 23 February 2007 21:29  Show Profile
avought Posted - 29 April 2007 12:10  Show Profile
Hi I was wondering what the science and Us. Global History Parts of the Ged were like for anyone who has taken the Ged. I do fine on the math, reading and writing but science and the history parts are what I think will stump me. There's too much history to know it all. Also I was wondering if Ged books will list the possible areas of every subject that will be tested on the Ged test. For example. If we needed to know about the Civil war or about a certain person, or know what the elements and compounds are on the periodic table.<BR>I was just wondering what to expect before I take the Ged classes, but a book, or take the Test. Thanx to anyone who respondes. I really appreciate it.<BR>
Jesica0217 Posted - 29 April 2007 20:28  Show Profile
MANSY- I had the same problem .. you read the question first.. then read the passage..
findarto Posted - 1 May 2007 0:17  Show Profile
The History/Social Studies test is very simple. You are given a passage and have to answer questions about it. Sometimes graphs or timelines.
honeynegi Posted - 18 May 2007 5:13  Show Profile
i want to know much about this test.name GED
Ptuweru Posted - 17 September 2010 22:13  Show Profile
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