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SpiderBitePosted - 4 December 2006 17:20  Show Profile
My IQ is in the top 15% of the nation, but my practice ACT score I just took is 56.84%. I'm assuming it's because back when I was in school I messed and goofed around horribly. I was a completely different person back then compared to who I am today.

I'm hoping to go to College very soon, and I would be getting help from a vocational rehabillitation service for people with disabilities, along with other government help.

At the page with the results for my score it says "You can do better than that. Try Kaplan's Online ACT Course to increase your score." However when I click on the link, it says the page has been moved or doesn't exist.

What can I do to get my score up, and get it up quick, that doesn't cost much money, since I seriously do not have a dollar to my name?

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