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horseluver4everPosted - 27 November 2006 18:49  Show Profile
I'm new here, and just took the GED practice exam and definitely didn't do well. I got a score of 58.87% How bad is that??
mikes17 Posted - 15 December 2006 10:25  Show Profile
Wud-up im new here to and i just finish that long exam too and i got a 62 percent so yea i think u might of just done average or something cuz i thought i was doing good and i got that, ya know
StephanieS Posted - 27 December 2006 16:51  Show Profile
I just finished the test as well. I found some parts very hard. I think you did allright, i got a 59.85... i think i did well for my first time... give yourself some credit. At least you took the time to do it :)
jeremyb6486 Posted - 1 January 2007 21:24  Show Profile
i got 72.58% do you know if thats good enough to take the test soon? :)
meganrader Posted - 16 February 2007 20:49  Show Profile
hey that 58% dependes on how many questions you didn't answer..i think you should be safe and buy the prep book just incase..if you only answered 100 questions out of 112(i have a 6yr old couldn't get thru the whole thing)<BR>and made close to 80 questions right ...so that slike 80% so that would be a &quot;B&quot; so thats &quot;above average&quot; right...i think its pretty good...but still i am gonna buy the book
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 22:56  Show Profile
hey does anyone know what you have to score on the GED to get into college?
scruffybump Posted - 12 March 2007 0:58  Show Profile
i got 75 percent on the practice test. is that passing grade?
Trinafaye Posted - 24 April 2007 9:42  Show Profile
Hey I'm new here and jusk took the GED practice exam and definitely didn't well. I got my score is 60.48%. That really bad I am not going take real test. I not that good.
brittney205 Posted - 24 April 2007 14:12  Show Profile
Hi, do not fell like that just have faith in yourself and trust in god that the next time you take the test that you get the courage to pass good luck and don't ever give up just stay strong and keep your head up
jasonguard Posted - 25 April 2007 8:50  Show Profile
To be sure that you're going to pass the Official GED test, you want to score 65% or better on practice exams. Any passing score should get you into a 2-year community college. If you want attend a 4-year school straight away, be sure to check with the admissions dept to find out exactly what their GED score requirements are.
horseluver4evr Posted - 29 June 2007 21:15  Show Profile
Well I took my GED and passed...it's REALLY easy!! At least for AZ...
SafyreIllusion Posted - 20 August 2007 17:15  Show Profile
Wow...that cheers ME up... I took two sections of the practice test and scored 80 on one and 86 on the other, and was horrified... LOL! At least I know it's not just me!
kattiewest2004 Posted - 24 August 2007 19:59  Show Profile
i took the english part i scored really bad i think i only got a 47.58 percent thats not even half right that more then half wrong i need to study more i have been out of school and havent studied sence school it was in feb of 2002 i left i never did well in english although i did pass with a c average in english or writing i really guess i shoulda staied in school and finish sence i was suppost to grad. may of 2004
Rjfvldasfgj Posted - 15 September 2010 23:28  Show Profile
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nam108 Posted - 25 April 2011 6:9  Show Profile
i took the language got 65 percent did i pass?

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