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blitzrunninbkPosted - 9 November 2006 23:23  Show Profile
Hi, I took the essay part of the GED test today, And I was so nervous that I Started writing it on the back side of the essay page. When I realized what I did, I put a X on the 2 paragraphs I had written and started from the right page. Then continued on the back page under my mistake. Do you think they will fail me for this. Please reply I'm Really scared
Xezima Posted - 23 January 2007 12:31  Show Profile
Maybe, you should have told them about it before you turned in your test, but I'm not for sure.
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 23:29  Show Profile
I'm not sure but as long as you x'd it out and put it on the right paper it should be fine..... they're not supposed to grade the back anyway so why would they count off?

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