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heatherOHPosted - 7 November 2006 8:26  Show Profile
I have for a long time wanted to go into the nursing field, but I also adore law. Recently I discovered that I can go to college and study Nursing Law...which is great BUT.....I have heard there are long waiting lists for nursing programs. My question is, to anyone who has gone through the wait, how long is it? Will I be able to get my pre's out of the way in the time in which I wait and then be admitted immediately there after? I guess what I am getting to is, I don't want to take a 4 year program and turn it into 8! I am 32 years old, have just taken my GED (awaiting my results), and I feel like I do not have a lot of time left....I don't want to be 60 just starting my career. Does anyone know how the wait list works?
vexie Posted - 24 June 2007 8:55  Show Profile
Yes, there is a nursing program wait list. </P><P>Here is what you do. If you are wait listed, look through the course description guide. Not all the courses you need to complete the nursing program can only be taken by people enrolled in the nursing program. Some can be taken by outsiders. Take those courses. Then, when you DO get into the nursing program, you will have fewer courses left to take.

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