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senior03Posted - 15 October 2001 18:39  Show Profile
I have to more weeks before i bust that big score. Does anyone have some tips or some test taking strategies you can give. Holla
Amaria Posted - 8 October 2005 21:47  Show Profile
Yes I am!! ON the 22nd. of this month! I still don't think i'm prepared for this! AHHHHHH!!!!!!
esgirl74 Posted - 17 October 2005 10:23  Show Profile
i am too myself, on the 22. Its my second time around, and this time with the writing section added on x_x i am just praying i do alot better on it this time around...i totally bombed it last time...
lovinglust Posted - 17 October 2005 10:54  Show Profile
my act is on saturday, the 22nd...</P><P>feeling anxious
gonzo62 Posted - 3 November 2005 12:17  Show Profile
yea. im taking it on Dec 3rd. The practice tests are pissing me off! but it'll be worth it.<BR>good luck to you others taking it.
brittney4824 Posted - 20 January 2006 0:3  Show Profile
Read everything carefully. Dont leave anything blank guess if you dont know and on the math sections the questions go from easiest to hard so my advice start at the end.
jameshood Posted - 20 December 2010 4:11  Show Profile
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tamikiasw Posted - 16 October 2012 16:34  Show Profile
i am major studying

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