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brazeauscsiPosted - 27 March 2016 10:57  Show Profile
Golf Tips On Alignment & Golfing Ball Position

It is often said that golf is a hard enough game without handicapping yourself unnecessarily. If you spend most of your golfing time off the fairway or missing greens then you fall into this camp. It can be well emphasized that one of the most important and valued components of the leisure time game and pastime of golf and the sport of golfing is to ensure that you are properly aligned with your target line as you begin your golf shot.

Before you tee off it is most important to have good as well as clear idea of your desired and chosen landing area. Once you picture your shot ahead of time 锟?in your mind锟絪 eye you are more than half way there already. Visualization is everything. Visualization ahead of time helps immensely.

Once you have determined your golfing target, you should then stand directly behind your golf ball, and your target. Next pick a 锟絪econdary锟?target, such as a brown spot, divot or even such a small marker as a distinctly noticeable leaf, which are a few feet away in front of your ball and in addition which are line with your target. It can be said that the reason for doing this procedure of lining up is that overall it is much easier to line up with something

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which is close by you 锟?that is within a few feet of distance, rather than something much much further away at say 200 or 250 yards distance.

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The golfing term that follows next is 锟絘ddressing the ball锟? The cl***ic golfing joke is that to address the ball is to call out 锟絟ello ball锟? It锟絪 really not like that in the real sport of golf on the links and fairways. When you are addressing the ball it can be said that you are trying to create a railroad track with your ball on what might be seen as the 锟絫arget track锟? Next in line will be your feet, knees, hips and shoulders 锟?along with your eyes that line up in a parallel fashion generally left of this target track. If you wish to visualize this setup in a better fashion, you can lay out your golfing clubs to better illustrate your railroad track setup. Simply place one club on the gr*** behind the ball basically directly behind your target. Next

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place the other club down on the gr*** in front of your feet touching your toes. When your two clubs create a perfectly parallel railroad track, then it can be said and ascertained that you are properly aligned.

Now that you are 锟絧erfectly aligned锟?you will need to make sure that your ball is aligned correctly in your stance. It can be generally said that the ball position for normal shots on flat ground should be best pla*** slightly forward of锟?center锟? In golfing terms this term 锟絚enter锟? refers to the mid point between both of your two feet. This is the position that is usually going to get your club to be square at impact and to guide your ball in the direction of your chosen target. It is most important to understand that this chosen ball position applies to standard level terrain and not for uphill or downhill lies and 锟絫rouble锟?shots.

Now that you are perfectly aligned and your golfing ball is situated in the right direction, you will need to understand that the width of your stance can well vary depending on your club selection. Finally one thing to remember is that the longer the club the wider the stance, but the ball position always stays the same in relation to your front foot.



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