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MarkB1Posted - 31 October 2006 7:17  Show Profile
WRITING - 490 points
SOCIAL - 630 points
SCIENCE - 640 points
READING - 700 points
MATH - 550 points

Considering that math was the only subject I studied for and I barely touched algebra, I think I did really well.

MarkB1 Posted - 5 November 2006 19:43  Show Profile
Going to get at least a bachelor's degree in computer science. I start classes in January.
heatherOH Posted - 7 November 2006 8:18  Show Profile
CONGRATS!!!! I am glad to hear you are moving on to college...Good for you! Only the LUCKY people land good jobs/careers without a degree.
pcastillo Posted - 7 November 2006 12:2  Show Profile
Good job and hope all your dreams come true.. When I pass on 11/9/2006 I will also be moving on to College..<BR>
Jessica12587 Posted - 28 November 2006 13:59  Show Profile
how long after you took the real test did it take to get your results back. And how long till you have the diploma in your hands?
breadofknowledge Posted - 12 April 2011 19:30  Show Profile
AWESOME I am glad to hear you pass <BR>now ... you could choose to stay at the kaplan forums get help getting a scholarship and tutour other studets ...</P><P>do you plan to go further than the GED <BR>you massarred the test so whats to say you can not go to colledge! LOOK FOR HELP IN COLLEDGE!!!!!

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