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kaliannahPosted - 3 October 2001 5:59  Show Profile
Hi! I''m a senior @ LSU and have left the absolute worst classes (in my humble opinion) - College Algebra and Finite - until my final two semesters. I''d like to take a shot at the MATH CLEP and was wondering if anyone has taken it - level of difficulty, etc. Also what is the best study guide to use? I''ve purchased a copy of the CLEP study guide but it concentrates very little on the Math section, more on English, etc. Any assistance is appreciated!
starlake24 Posted - 5 December 2001 11:45  Show Profile
dlandu Posted - 16 February 2002 19:49  Show Profile
hi guys, i''m 16. i''ll be glad to help you guys in algebra, but you have a role to play and that is, giving me your areas of difficulty.<BR>hope my help''ll be useful
Jcat46Nb Posted - 17 March 2002 20:21  Show Profile
hey ... im only a freshman and high school and i have taken this one and i got a respectable 75% .. it is generally easy...i good help a few of you if it is necessary
kaliannah Posted - 18 April 2002 19:39  Show Profile
Hi again! Thanks for the offer of help - wish I would''ve visited the board sooner - I would''ve definitely took you up on it! Since my initial posting in October, I''ve found a wonderful tutor - she teaches high school math and tutored me in the evenings. I''m scheduled to take the Math clep in three weeks and will hopefully pass it! I''ve put off graduation twice already - I''m determined this semester to graduate. Thanks again guys for the offer!

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