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hopefulrn2bePosted - 5 October 2006 0:5  Show Profile
I need help I took nursing boards once and didn't pass. I keep doing questions but it doesn't seem to be as easy as it was in school. I did really good in school i just can't understand where my test answering skills went can anyone help
sexygurl69 Posted - 5 October 2006 11:7  Show Profile
i can help you if you can help me with math and english
rolexgeek Posted - 2 November 2006 15:40  Show Profile
guys! u're scaring me! i'm about to take my NCLEX this coming Jan of 2007. Hopefully i get it!
mauricedelvalle Posted - 2 November 2006 16:3  Show Profile
i took it twice. i think we really have to look at the questions very carefully and answer what is really being asked. sometimes there is really too much written and all they want to know is in the last statement i.e. the question. the rest is really without any use for picking a choice out of the given 4 answers. and of course, we all have to brush up with our nursing content because nclex is all about analysis and application level questions. that is what i really think after taking the nclex twice. i hope i'll get it on the third time. by the way nursing experience and nursing school is a different world from the nclex one. read a lot of test questions to familiarize yourself with what can be asked and how it can be asked. good luck to all of us anmd hals und beinbruch!!!
olatunde Posted - 30 November 2006 4:54  Show Profile
i took the cgfns exams and i passed,if the nclex is in the cgfns format,i think one should just keep practising and get used to the way the questions are asked and answered,most cases the answers are always in the questions,we only need to take our time to read and understand.i will soon be doing the nclex exam.

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