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JellypopPosted - 9 December 2015 21:21  Show Profile
****o. I'll be going to school to take GED cl***es next semester (beginning of January). I'm hoping to take and p*** the GED Science test before I start cl***es, because I'd like to get at least one subject out of the way. I feel I am nowhere near ready to take the Science test, and I'm frustrated. I have the Steck Vaughn 2014 GED Science books. I've gone through both the student and workbook, but I'm having a very hard time remembering information. I've forgotten almost everything I read in those books. I was told by my brother to highlight important information in the books, but I have no idea what's important to remember and what's not. I think I just need a good tutor to help me, because I'm not really getting anywhere with my school on my own. I actually had two tutors in the past, but one sucked as a teacher (was super nice and sweet as a person, though) and the other had to quit due to the fact she moved to another state.

What information should I be highlighting in my Science books? And are there any good websites you could point me to to help me?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!

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