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modestmegPosted - 2 September 2006 19:42  Show Profile
Hi everyone...I've been practicing for my GED on this site for a few hours, my score is 80% which I was quite surprised with, given how much studying I've done. But, I've got 20 days before I write my exams so hopefully I can bring that percentage up.
I've noticed alot of people posting asking how they calcuate their score with practice exams and then eventually with the actual GED exam. Many want to know how many correct answers they must have in order to receive a passing score. For example, if your state or province requires a minimum score of 450 point on each exam, each question being worth a certain number of points, depending on how many questions there are in that given exam...450 out of what? Here is the simple equation to determine your score:

Note: the score is recorded between 200 and 800 points, each question being worth a certain number of points.

Example...the Mathmatics exam is made up of 50 questions. You divide 800 by 50, giving you 16. Now you know that each question is worth 16 points. You correctly answer 39 of 50 questions. Multiply the number of correct answers (39) by the amount which they are worth (16). The number you have is 624, which is your score for that exam. 624 out of a possible 800 points. The equation would look like this:

800/50= 16x39 = 624

624 out of 800 = 78%

That is a pretty average score, exceeding the minimum requirements of 450 of a possible 800 points.
In other words, you only need a 56.3% score in order to pass your GED exams.
It seems low, but do not let that make you cocky and assume that you shouldn't study. Take into consideration that you must also write an essay (which can be scary for some people) and there will be a minimum score on said essay.
Good luck to everyone!!!!

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