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shalonda1120Posted - 26 August 2006 10:6  Show Profile
i can use any help possilbe with this test its very hard i fail this one anyone whom like to help i would greatly appreicate please
Knightofgod Posted - 27 August 2006 16:48  Show Profile
what are you needing help with?
shalonda1120 Posted - 27 August 2006 23:44  Show Profile
the whole test
pradajay Posted - 28 August 2006 10:34  Show Profile
you have to take it one step at a time focus on one section than ask for help with that than another once you have that figured out okay cause having that much on your plate can make things seem harder it accumulates more stress just relax prada jay
CGF2006 Posted - 10 October 2006 9:3  Show Profile
What do you need help in my # (404)762-8925 my name is Rashad
TerH Posted - 27 October 2006 15:53  Show Profile
I know here in Pennsylvania you can only do the Ged test twice a year. Make sure you are totally ready to take on the test before entering it the second time, or you will be waiting for a full year to re-test. Only thing one can do is take each test concentrate on just that one subject until you got it then move onto the next and so forth. Good luck

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