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FANCYGIRLPosted - 21 August 2006 21:30  Show Profile
I suck at math.I am so desperate to pass the math that is the only one thing that is keeping me from getting the certificate of GED..... I passed everything else but not math.......

I nead someone to help me understand it step by step.....
Is anyone willing to help me?
Thank you...

BabyKisses Posted - 29 August 2006 10:5  Show Profile
i suck at math 2 maybe we can study together maths the only thing holding me back i've passed all the other pre test math is the only thing its getting so bad it messes with my confidence! send me a reply soon i plan on taking my test in oct.
FANCYGIRL Posted - 31 August 2006 18:26  Show Profile
Hi there ...<BR>Thank you for re-aplying to the forum ...<BR>I would like to to have a study buddy.... I was also planing to give one more try at the real GED Math Test in octomber as well.<BR>If we could study together maybe we could also sucseed together at the real test as well.<BR>I thing we should not waist time anylonger, times flyes very fast.<BR>
tierell Posted - 3 July 2007 12:59  Show Profile
i suck to man math is my weak subject but certain areas in math is easy like integers and geometry
annabell910 Posted - 18 July 2007 9:47  Show Profile
hey i stink at math to may be we can study 2 gether iam just stared studing this month for the ged test and iam 41 lolol
zer00 Posted - 22 July 2007 20:26  Show Profile
Don't worry guys, the math part is laughable. Worry about the other parts.
Georgene Posted - 23 July 2007 16:6  Show Profile
Check out this math problem blog. It's great and has GED math problems posted on a regular basis.</P><P>http://gedmath.blogspot.com/

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