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WhiteSox2006Posted - 17 August 2006 20:2  Show Profile
I took the ACT practice score and got a 70%.
I just want to know what that would about be on the actual test.
Just a ballpark number would be good.
zoeheartsnicholas Posted - 31 August 2006 10:30  Show Profile
I have already taken the act..got a 20..and im super bummed cuz i normally do great on tests..i just took the practice act on here..and i got a 70% too..so it would most likely be a 20 im guessing..but i dont think that is very accurate.
lilheathen Posted - 31 August 2006 14:46  Show Profile
What test did you take? It should have given you a number score, not just percentage.
DuranWiggs07 Posted - 23 October 2006 20:5  Show Profile
Hey guys I took the test as well I got a 76% hopefully that would be atlest a 20-21 I don't what's accurate but if you know the actual score to this percentages then let me know.
Oblaneutron9 Posted - 10 November 2006 6:46  Show Profile
Hey u guys I'm new at this but I got a 78%.The see answer really helps when u go back 2 check. It explains alot :) Well it helped me anyways
bluewindows Posted - 10 February 2007 13:43  Show Profile
I got an 81% and I'm also extremely curious about what this would mean on the real ACT, even if it's a two- or three-point range. Does anyone have an idea?
raerae3910 Posted - 27 February 2007 15:17  Show Profile
i took the ACT test, and i mad a 90% on it....would that be considered as a good score on the actual ACT?
chelsea4490 Posted - 8 June 2007 19:7  Show Profile
i got a 92 would anyone know what it would be on a real test?
iceskater1 Posted - 10 June 2007 12:2  Show Profile
usually, i think that the tests on 4tests are a bit easier, cuz i did really on the tests here, but once i took another practice test in a book, i did really bad....
bluechocolateangel Posted - 29 June 2007 7:32  Show Profile
these questions are easier than the real act but the acts perfect score is a 36 so if you get 75 percent of these questions right then your score would ideally be 27, but once again these questions are much easier

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