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SlagPosted - 27 July 2006 17:47  Show Profile
So heres the situation, i need a certain score on my ged to get into the university i want to go to.

They require a 410 or higher on all sections, and a overall average of 580 or higher.

So heres the lucky part, the place that i'm doing my testing requires a 410 to pass each section.

So heres the question, naturally if i score 410 on all 5 sections, will my score actually turn out to be a average of 580?

i just did some math on it, and preety much only way to get a average of 580 is to score 580 on all 5 sections.

is this right? if not, what must i do to achieve the requirment that the university wants?

Georgene Posted - 27 July 2006 21:4  Show Profile
So you need to average 580 on each of the five GED tests. This means that you need at least 2900 points. </P><P>If you only score a 410 on each test you will have 2050 points, and you will fall short of what you need.</P><P>In order to achieve the requirement that the university wants you will need to score above average on each test.</P><P>I would suggest that you purchase a good GED book that contains study material as well as practice tests, along with answers and explanations.</P><P>If you check out my web site, I also have math worksheets that you can download for free.</P><P>Good luck!</P><P>Georgene<BR>www.learningtrends.com
Slag Posted - 28 July 2006 14:20  Show Profile
ok, well heres another question. in order to achieve 580, how many answer would i be able to miss?</P><P>when i did the practice test for math, i only missed 1 problem, realisticly for the ged test, what kinda score would that achieve?</P><P>preety much i'm just asking how much room do i have for mistakes before i miss too many to get 580?
Georgene Posted - 28 July 2006 16:10  Show Profile
A half lengeth &quot;official GED&quot; math predictor test is 25 questions. When looking at form PB, a student can get 4 wrong and still get a predictor score of 580. On form PA a student can get 3 wrong and score a 550.</P><P>Each of the test questions is &quot;weighted&quot; differently which is why the test results are slightly different when looking at the results of the two forms.</P><P>My best guess on a math test would be that you would need to score at least 44 correct out of 50... perhaps even 45 correct problems.</P><P>When looking at the conversion charts of the other areas, they are all pretty simular, missing only around 4-5 questions on each.</P><P>Hope this helps.</P><P>Georgene<BR>www.learningtrends.com</P><P>
jesshead311 Posted - 31 July 2006 16:49  Show Profile
Slag, what college are you trying to attend? The college that keeps in contact with me hasn't set any limits. I was just wondering.
Jerriod Posted - 16 August 2006 12:14  Show Profile
I need the answers to the GED test do any one have them i will give u $1200
Jerriod Posted - 16 August 2006 12:22  Show Profile
can someboudy help me i need help on my ged i see in school i mad a 23 on my ACT but i was caught selling DRUGS on school campus and i was kick out and put into GED class where you have to make 410+ to pass. HELP ME!
mikes17 Posted - 15 December 2006 11:1  Show Profile
yea i got the answer buddy, send that cheese
delta2185 Posted - 5 January 2007 2:59  Show Profile
Thanks Georgine.That site helped me a lot.

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