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chicknnbeerPosted - 26 July 2006 2:5  Show Profile
ok well i got kicked outa high school before i even made it to freshman year (9th grade) but ive always been kinda smart like i took geometry and algebra in 7 and 8th grade but the normal social language arts and the others but on the practice test on here i scored a 74.19% and i havent been in school or even lookd at a book in 4 years and im 18 now so what all do i need to look forward in buying and/or studying before i take my ged test. or would i be alright to go ahead and take it. since ive already went and took the preexamination ged test to show them if id be able to take the actual test or not or i need to be tutord or anything and i passed it with a 85% which then they told me i would be able to take the ged but like i said i dont know if im ready yet or if i need to study up on some subjects and with my short education what all would i need to study. any ideas or comments would thanx

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