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chaveeratPosted - 13 July 2006 10:10  Show Profile
Hi,I am from Bangkok Thailand, I like to tell you my story.
I passed all 5 tests but total score is not enough to get pass short of 10 points. So I retested Math and gained more 7 points, so after that I retested Science and gained more 3 points exactly , I was so happy but I was shocked when I received the latest transcript from Prometric, the Math retest score is not replaced but Science is replaced I still not passed.
My dad has been discussing with them thru email for almost 2 mos.now ,they still searching and ask us to wait and wait until now I am gonna miss this coming 1st semester here in Thailand.
We sent them evidences ,Math score report sheet, payment confirmation. I already spent for almost $600 for these tests.
I am afraid they may not responsible for their own vendor scoring center errorness.
Please show me your ideas and suggestions about this matter.
I forgot to tell you that my diploma will issue by the state of Maine.
zuzuspedals Posted - 14 July 2006 17:34  Show Profile
I'm sorry for your problems with the GED. I don't know what to tell you about fixing this problem, but I hope and pray that you get it resolved soon. Blessings!
chaveerat Posted - 14 July 2006 21:58  Show Profile
At last problem is solved , I PASSED<BR>
RickNorth20 Posted - 14 July 2006 23:45  Show Profile

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