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RickNorth20Posted - 10 July 2006 6:53  Show Profile
Hi! I will be taking the GED tests very soon. I have the choice of taking the latest 2002 revised test or the 1988 test. The 1988 test is available to me because I reside abroad the United States. Between the two versions of the test, which one should I take? And which one is easier? Thanks.
zreid Posted - 11 July 2006 11:23  Show Profile
I took the 1988 one but studied for the 2002 one... all I know is that the math questions in the 88 one are much easier (as you are not allowed a calculator) and I got a perfect 800 for my math section!
JonathanEyoon Posted - 15 July 2006 9:44  Show Profile
How do you take the 1988 version? That'd be nice if i could take that since i'm horrible at math. I live in Georgia
zreid Posted - 16 July 2006 10:20  Show Profile
I took it all on a computer including the essay which I thought was written but I typed it up...
Georgene Posted - 27 July 2006 17:27  Show Profile
I have prepared students for both tests and found that there is not much difference other than the 2002 GED tests contain more graphs and charts. Also, in the 2002 writing test, you must receive a passing score on the written part.... or you will have to take the test again.... even if you receive a perfect score on the multiple choice part. </P><P>Hope this helps.</P><P>Georgene<BR>http://www.learningtrends.com

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