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sarahsloanPosted - 8 July 2006 14:24  Show Profile
i need some good help on studying my math. can anybody beable to help me???? Is there any websites i can go to???Im taking the test at a votech.But have no money to drive there to study.
cheryl4687 Posted - 20 July 2006 20:30  Show Profile
Listen. I am going to take the math test on 7/26/06. I have studied the math concepts out of a GED Preparation book. I took the pretest in the book after each lesson and did well. This site for the practice tests are somewhat challenging because of the wording. You just have to study take some of these test, and and print out the problems that you missed. Learn all the basic formulas for the math. I refuse to let this intimidate me, because I am so tired of being in the same state, and that is not haveing my GED. I passed the other parts of the test which is nnot intimedating at all; but you just have to refuse to panic and teach yourself if you have too. Good Luck!<BR>

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