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mbrown7999Posted - 6 July 2006 12:31  Show Profile
Hi all, I'm a new member here, and I recently took the GED test (End of June). Today I got my preliminary scores in like the test administrator said I would, but I was just wondering, how accurate are they ? They didn't even give me a score on writing...I guess my essay wasent good enough ;(

So I passed everything except Writing and Math according to the preliminary score sheet, my main question is, do I have to take the entire test over again, or can I just do the 2 that I failed ?

Thanks in advance.

zuzuspedals Posted - 6 July 2006 18:43  Show Profile
You only have to take the tests that you didn't pass. Don't feel bad you have come a long way, because you passed some of the test, and now you only have two left. You will do it with some more practice, so look up. Blessings!
zuzuspedals Posted - 6 July 2006 18:53  Show Profile
mbrown, we also have a study group at http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/gedstudygroup.u It was started by melinda. You are welcome to join. We are just trying to help one another get through this. Blessings!
zuzuspedals Posted - 6 July 2006 18:56  Show Profile
Humm! It seems like they should have given you some kind of score in writing. Are you sure that they didn't make a mistake by not giving you a score? If I were you I would call and ask them about that.
Missmelinda99 Posted - 8 July 2006 12:58  Show Profile
I read some where on one of the millions of sites I have been on that it takes longer to grade the writing section because they have to read all the essays.
Georgene Posted - 27 July 2006 17:31  Show Profile
Is been my experience that if a student received a score of &quot;0&quot; on writing, they wrote &quot;off topic&quot;.</P><P>I would check with the testing agency and ask for an explanation.</P><P>Georgene<BR>www.learningtrends.com

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