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hotgirl70737Posted - 1 July 2006 20:1  Show Profile
I need help with the writting part of the GED.can some one help me?
cheryl4687 Posted - 20 July 2006 20:16  Show Profile
Here is some advice. If u ever wrote a letter to someone, then you can acheive the writting part of the test, which is the essay. Just look at the topic that they will give you, and think of something in your life that you can talk about. They just want to see if you have some kind of idea of capitalizing and puntuate, as well as paragraphing. If you have some sort of experience in writing a letter to a friend and feel comfortable about that letter, then that is exactly what they want to see. Good Luck, you'll do fine!
hotgirl70737 Posted - 26 July 2006 16:37  Show Profile
thank you very much.I needed that.I'll try my best.
Georgene Posted - 27 July 2006 17:8  Show Profile
I have been teaching GED prep for almost 12 years and I have always taught the 5 paragraph method. The first paragraph is the introduction, the last paragraph is the conclusion and in between are the supporting paragraphs.</P><P>You should aim for an essay of about 250 words. In a 5 paragraph essay, this would be about 5 sentences in each paragraph.</P><P>Be sure that your thoughts flow smoothly throughout your essay and that you use transition words to introduce each new paragraph.</P><P>Hopes this helps!</P><P>Georgene<BR>My GED help Blog: http://www.learningtrends.com/gedhelp.htm

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