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hozy80Posted - 24 August 2001 11:5  Show Profile
hi guys!! can anyone of u guide me to a site which gives practice regarding MCSD cetification apart from this one?
agaj Posted - 26 August 2001 8:54  Show Profile
check learnthat.com
nortibra2001 Posted - 8 September 2001 18:11  Show Profile
There are several that might help: try www.cert21.com &gt;&gt; www.learnquick.com &gt;&gt; www.cramsession.com &gt;&gt; www.examsimulators.com &gt;&gt; www.certportal.com &gt;&gt; some sites have free demo tests that you can try or download and also, pay for lots more questions. cert21 charges about $20.00 for 30 day access to 160 - 280 questions. I used it for A+ and it helped alot.<BR>good luck
Pongbangkok Posted - 12 November 2001 6:52  Show Profile
worth1 Posted - 21 August 2006 3:13  Show Profile
hi<BR>I bought $30 worth of certification exams from www.examcheets.com. I passed the exams the stuff provided by this company was good and &#188; the price others are charging, plus they gave me some books worth $150 to $200 free. The books are not rubbish but excellent useful Cisco Press, Microsoft Press and other renowned vendors &#8211; That is really helpful.<BR>Best site for exams taker.

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