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Jaden2Posted - 28 June 2006 22:17  Show Profile
K, I took the PSATs this yr and I did really badly, I am taking the SATS in 2 yrs so i decided to start studying for them. I am horrible at vocab and critical reading-anyone no any sites i could go on??????????Thanx
Mittali Posted - 18 July 2006 14:55  Show Profile
cemranda Posted - 26 July 2006 11:22  Show Profile
is %72 acievement good do you think to enter a college in usa?</P><P>i don't have any information
fudge1 Posted - 27 July 2006 10:35  Show Profile
i did good on my PSAT but i am not a good test taker and i think that my SAT score was crazy i got a 1250 and for the new test that is not that good of that good score so what am i suppose to do<BR>
westcoastdad Posted - 2 August 2006 18:19  Show Profile
my son just used the college board book and radically improved his score. also tracking new video blog with free sat help http://www.eprep.com
kokohakem Posted - 1 October 2006 9:28  Show Profile
hi iam from egypt and i am a sat student i think sat is too hard for arab people so i need your help please there are my emails<BR>koko_hakem2001@yahoo.com<BR>koko1234koko1234@hotmail.com<BR>koko.vip@gmail.com<BR>i hope you talk to me
usakora Posted - 5 October 2006 17:41  Show Profile
Hey I am from Georgia.I am...... The first thing you need is to believe in God.Give everything unto him and he will carry you through.This is an awesome web site.Lots and Lots of resources.Anyways God Bless You and Pray to God. Without him you'll not make it :{).I am a sophmore. taking PSAT this year. Pray for me.Thanks

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