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duydanielPosted - 25 June 2006 23:16  Show Profile
I'm going to retake the GED tests on July-17-2006. I hope I will pass them.
zuzuspedals Posted - 26 June 2006 10:54  Show Profile
Hello duydaniel, Did you pass any of the test? What was the math test like, and what kind of questions did you have to answer using the Casio Calculator?
duydaniel Posted - 26 June 2006 12:36  Show Profile
My problems were Reading and Writng tests. I passed math first time I took it.</P><P>You may check out at the website I provided above in order to do well on Math section.</P><P>I don't think Math is as hard as you guys imagine about. Just imagine you are at a market and solve problems.<BR>
zuzuspedals Posted - 26 June 2006 13:1  Show Profile
Thanks. Melinda started a study group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gedstudygroup/ check it out. You can post any questions that you want help with.
zuzuspedals Posted - 26 June 2006 13:8  Show Profile
I've passed the Reading test, and I'm going to take the Writing test soon. I'll be glad to help you in any that I can on these two subjects. I guess the Math was easy for you, because you understand it. The reading was easy for me. I never really learned Algebra, and Geometry so it is kind of hard for me. Once I get an understanding of them I'm sure I will be able to do it though.
duydaniel Posted - 26 June 2006 13:38  Show Profile
Hello,<BR>I hope I can provide you a most often asked questions on Math Section:</P><P>He buy 10 books cost $25. If he buy 25 bools, how cost it be?</P><P>The questions may vary, but basically they are same. Even though I'm guraduated High School in my country, I still need to pass the GED.</P><P>I hope you can easily solve this most often question asked (I think), if not, let try this method:<BR>When you get it, it is very helpful for you to past Math easier.
duydaniel Posted - 26 June 2006 13:50  Show Profile
First, you arrange provided information on 2 line such as:<BR>10 books ----------&gt; 25 bucks<BR>25 books ----------&gt; ? bucks</P><P>First, you put your finger at 25 books, drag it across to 25 bucks and multiply them together. After get result, drag you fingure backward to 10 books and devide the result by this number.</P><P>I call this method: &quot;Multuply across and divide the same line number&quot;</P><P>You will have:<BR>25 books * 25 bucks = 625.<BR>Then 625 / (devided by) 10 = 62.5</P><P>You have the answer. 62.5 is the answer.
duydaniel Posted - 26 June 2006 14:4  Show Profile
I hope it is understandable for you and easily to master. You will do very well on Math Section. Now, I will give you some examples in order to master your skill.</P><P>When you read a Math questions, you should simplify it on your draff paper. There are some examples relate with this matter above:<BR>A car can run<BR>1 galon gas --------&gt; 40 Miles<BR>36 galons gas -----------&gt; ? Miles</P><P>you solve:<BR>36 * 40 = 1440<BR>1440 / 1 = 1440<BR>So 1440 is your answer.</P><P>Another ex:<BR>3/5 Pounds of meat mix with 10 pounds rice to feed pigs. If there is 10 Pounds of meat, how much rice would be porvided to feed pigs?</P><P>3/5 Pound of meat --------&gt; 10 Pounds<BR>10 Pound of meat --------&gt; ? Pound needed?</P><P>You solve:<BR>10 * 10 = 100<BR>then<BR>100 * 3/5 = 60.</P><P>60 is your answer.</P><P>I hope you can master it.
duydaniel Posted - 26 June 2006 14:14  Show Profile
Sorry, I just make a incorection.<BR> 3/5 Pound of meat --------&gt; 10 Pounds<BR>10 Pound of meat --------&gt; ? Pound needed?</P><P>You solve:<BR>10 * 10 = 100<BR>then<BR>100 / 3/5 = 100 * 5/3 = 500/3</P><P>500/3 is your answer.</P><P>I hope you can master it. Multiply across and devided by the same line number.<BR>
zuzuspedals Posted - 26 June 2006 18:8  Show Profile
Those are very good explanations duydaniel. Thank you very much. Now what ever I can help you with in Reading and Writing, just let me know ok!
duydaniel Posted - 26 June 2006 20:31  Show Profile
I meet problem of understanding of Poetry. Sometime, I don't understand some strange reading material.
duydaniel Posted - 26 June 2006 20:32  Show Profile
And Essay writing.
duydaniel Posted - 26 June 2006 20:56  Show Profile
A second I'd like to share with you. I take a important part in Math Section. There are questions require you to apply &quot;formula&quot;.</P><P>I remember that they will provide you formula sheet.<BR>In order to do well, I have some ex:<BR>convention: X^2 = X power 2.</P><P>Triangle area (A) = high (H) * base (B) /2<BR>A = H*B/2 (Triangle Area Formula)</P><P>For ex: when they give you some info, please write them down on draff paper. what they asked? If they asked Triangle Area,<BR>1. Turn to triangle formula, locate a right formula the test ask of.<BR>2. Put the info you have writen on the formula. Ex:<BR>Area = 25, Base = 5, they ask you High = ?<BR>You put these value to the formula:<BR>A = H*B/2 -------&gt; 25 = H*5/2</P><P>In order to solve such problem above.<BR>Remember that you should move the unknow value to one side, and the know value to another. In my routine, I often move the unknow to my leftside.</P><P>You have:<BR>25 = H * 5/2<BR>H*5/2 = 25<BR>H = 25 / (5/2) = 25 * 2/5 = 10</P><P>Remember when you divide a fraction, you turn it upside down and multiply.</P><P>Some more ex:<BR>Circle Area = 3.14 * r^2 (r = radius).<BR>They give you Diameter = 10.</P><P>They ask you find Area.</P><P>In order to solve the Circle Area, you see that the formula requires a radius value. But, they provide you a diameter.</P><P>If you remember Radius = Diameter/2, you can easily solve this problem.</P><P>you have:<BR>A = 3.14 * r^2<BR>You find r = d/2 = 10/2 = 5.<BR>A = 3.14 * 5^2 = 3.14 * 25 = Casio FX.</P><P>
zuzuspedals Posted - 27 June 2006 12:17  Show Profile
Hi duydaniel, <BR>Thank you so much for the good explainations of Math, and for taking the time to go in details to make it clear. May God bless you and melinda for your kind concern. We all will get through this together. </P><P> About the Essay. What they really want is, a &quot;Topic Sentence&quot; and five paragraphs. (1.)You should start with a topic paragraph first. (2.) Then write 3 body paragraphs. (3.) Then a closeing paragraph. It's important to stay on topic of what you are writing about. After they ask you the question about the topic of your Essay, choose three words that you want to write about concerning the topic that they give you and go from there..... Example</P><P>How would You Define A Successful Life?</P><P> Most people want a successful life.<BR>My opinion of a successful life depends<BR>on more than just obtaining wealth and<BR>material gain. A successful person is one who has morals, knowledge, and determi-nation.<BR> First, with morals comes respect for one's self, and others as well. Also, a person with morals is kind, self displined, and has inner strength. These attributes<BR>can open many doors, and pave the way<BR>for many opportunities.<BR> Second, to be successful,also requries knowledge. Although, there are many people that will give advice on success; unfortunately, not everyone have other's best interest at heart. Therefore, one must seek, and obtain knowledge in every aspect of life.<BR> Next, to be successful, one must have determination. When we set goals for ourselves in life, the plans we make may somtimes seem to far to reach. As a result, people have given up on their dreams. With determination, one will have the ability to perservere and contine to pursue their goals even when they feel like giving up.<BR> Finally, some people define a successful life only as money, fame, and fortune. Although these are all good to have, they are all temporal. Morals, knowledge, and determination are all lasting.<BR>Duydaniel, notice my three key words was &quot;Morals&quot; &quot;knowledge&quot; &quot;Determination&quot;<BR> You see how I wrote about each key word, and made a paragraph out of each one. Remember a paragraph is three to five sentences. Some of mine might have been a little longer, but the most important thing is your format, and to stay on topic of what you are writing about. </P><P></P><P><BR>This is one of the Essays that I wrote at the GED class. The teacher said it was very good, and that it would pass. I hope this helps. Also go over to the Yahoo GED Group. Melinda said she would post an essay there.
zuzuspedals Posted - 27 June 2006 12:32  Show Profile
When I wrote the essay on here I spaced it out correctly but it didn't show up that way on here, so I better tell you that when you write your Essay be sure to line it up right. Do not start you first sentence right at the margin line on your paper. Start about one and a half inches from the margin with your first word. and then on the next line go all the way to the margin line. Whenever you start a new paragraph be sure to line it up with the first word of your first sentence, and capitalize each letter in the first word of each paragraph.
zuzuspedals Posted - 27 June 2006 12:35  Show Profile
That hypen should not be in the word determination. That was a mistake. :)
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