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meghnaPosted - 15 August 2001 19:37  Show Profile
Can you pls. mail me some practice exams for these tests.......I need some tips to do better on these exams .

Thanks ,

dolbaruah Posted - 9 October 2001 2:0  Show Profile
r u preparing for gmat and toefl?if yes i can help u.mail me at dolbaruah@rediffmail.com
kvnr Posted - 9 October 2001 15:33  Show Profile
hi Meghana,<BR>there are some practice tests on www.4tests.com and also<BR>there is one book by Princeton Cracking GMAT which comes with CD. you should this CD as GMAT is now Computer aided test. For any additional help, check me at kvnr@mailcity.com, I will like to help you.<BR>
rakhesh Posted - 21 November 2001 2:13  Show Profile
Hi Meghna,<BR>There are some practice tests in testmagic.com<BR>If you need any further help, you can contact me at<BR>rakhesh_homepage@yahoo.com
marc707 Posted - 20 July 2005 10:31  Show Profile
Hi meghna--are you in the US or in India??
shashi123 Posted - 21 August 2005 3:30  Show Profile
hi,<BR>my name is shashi</P><P>how can i improve my score in toefl exam
zombie123 Posted - 22 October 2005 3:15  Show Profile
Hi<BR>visit this forum for loads of material<BR>www.gmatjj.blogspot.com
hebona Posted - 1 November 2005 16:38  Show Profile
Hi guys, <BR>Any tips on how to improve on my data sufficiency score?</P><P>thanx.
meghnaubhan Posted - 26 November 2005 2:38  Show Profile
hi guys is there any othr site to get free tests...<BR>n wat abt the math secton how many ques r there in total in an actual gmat test
danilawyer Posted - 28 March 2006 20:25  Show Profile
Hi! My name is Daniela...im taking the gmat in 2 weeks and freaking out coz the score required by my school is 620!! can u guys help me with some tips or by sending me good websites for practice? thanx
nikesh1984pahuja Posted - 14 July 2006 5:42  Show Profile
hi i am prpering for gmat. has any1 got bible for gmat prep?????<BR>
smns021 Posted - 16 October 2006 7:5  Show Profile
Can someone help me please! My sister needs some tests for practise, and I want help her to find them... Does someone knows where can I find something for her? If someone can help, smns021@yahoo is my email so, write to me please! Thanks
mishu007 Posted - 17 October 2006 1:31  Show Profile
check out from here: http://18411.rapidforum.com<BR>You will get lots of FREE material......
smns021 Posted - 20 October 2006 11:8  Show Profile
Thanks a lot!
JayBrown372 Posted - 7 March 2007 11:31  Show Profile
Can someone please email me some practice exams for the GMAT? mail to: JayBrown372@yahoo.com
onwandu Posted - 5 April 2007 15:25  Show Profile
Can anyone mail me some gmat materials Please....
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