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trek1208Posted - 16 June 2006 18:10  Show Profile
Has anyone taken this exam?
If so, are there any specific areas I should be concentrating on in preparation?
What overall length of time (days,weks, months)did you take to prepare?
What study guides, methods did you utilize?
I have taken Spanish I at my colllege. Also, had HS Spanish for 2 years.
Thanks for any information you can provide.
Fiddler4Jesus Posted - 19 November 2009 6:58  Show Profile
There is a reading and a listening part to the test. I would recomend the CLEP Official Study Guide 16th Edition. It is put out by CollegeBoard. Another book to try would be the CLEP Spanish Language book. It has lessons in it on just about everything. The lessons are very time consuming, but you learn a lot. It also has a CD to practice listening comprehension. I would make sure that you are familiar with all the conjugations of verbs in all the tenses. I hope this helps! Buena suerte en tu examen!
brownchriswayne Posted - 7 June 2010 10:29  Show Profile
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