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shirl3773Posted - 5 June 2006 18:44  Show Profile
I'm 52 years old and just got my GED last Friday! My advice to all of you is TAKE THE GED PREP CLASSES! I tried on my own and just kept being overwhelmed. The classes were enjoyable and there was lots of support and encouragement. The hardest part was going to the first one! Take the first step, the rest will be easier.
zuzuspedals Posted - 6 June 2006 15:26  Show Profile
Congrautulations shirl!!!! on getting your GED. How long did you go to the prep classes before taking the test? What was the math test like? Was there a lot of fractions, Algebra, and Geometry?
shirl3773 Posted - 7 June 2006 16:34  Show Profile
Thank you! I took a class at a local junior college. It was a one quarter class, but I finished two weeks early. I had a great instructor. I've found that everyone involved with the junior college is very encouraging and helpful. The math test is hard. However, if you do the classes and keep up you can pass. Even if you don't do well on the algebra, you can still pass the test. The key is to do well on the other four tests so you don't have to score very high on the math test. I scored very high on all my other tests so I just had to pass the math test to get my GED. Good luck!
Premaddona Posted - 27 May 2008 21:19  Show Profile
Congrats I just recueve mine,but Im a honor roll student so I breezed straight threw it.

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