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bedaring2006Posted - 4 June 2006 3:32  Show Profile
Hi - I just did the ASVAB online and got 82% score (super high in math and english, low in mechanics - and I am very sleepy...).

I am earning my PhD (in anthropology), and am 36 years old (- bored with my career and job prospectives).

The National Guard Recruiter told me very nice things, and that I could start as a Second Lieutentant (of course, after Basic Training and COS).

My questions are:
- What can this 82% score enable me to do in the ANG?
- Do you suggest a old fart intellectual like me to join the ANG?...
- What MOS would you suggest in my case?...

Yours suggestions are greatly appreciated!

queasyrider Posted - 26 June 2009 1:20  Show Profile
The ASVAB has already done everything it can do for you. It's a general aptitude test that says you're met the minimum intelligence qualifications to be in the military. (E)nlisted and (O)fficer paygrades go from 1-10 with 1 being the beginning. A 2nd LT is an O1 which means you still have to learn to be a soldier. Talk to your recruiter about job specifics, not the paygrade. Email me if you'd like to discuss this. I'm a retired Navy O4. Good luck.

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