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kevinraj101Posted - 28 May 2006 16:7  Show Profile
hey im a sophomore right doing my bachelors and i want to go to law school. i was wondering how do i prepare for the LSAT and how should i study for it?
gmanchi Posted - 9 June 2006 18:54  Show Profile
I am preparing to taking my LSAT on June 12. The best advise I can give is to start studyin your senior year. Princeton Review is a great Lsat prep course. But if the class doesnt work in your schedule , purchase their study guide book from borders. I used both resources. Also if reading is not your thing. Thing start training your mind now to read and comprehend what you read asap. Good Luck
pradajay Posted - 28 August 2006 10:30  Show Profile
heyy i just signed up for my ged and when i pass i wanna go to jr college transfer to a university and study law any advice i have a low attention span i'm working with here </P><P> Pradajay </P><P>
trippdavidson Posted - 1 September 2008 9:6  Show Profile
Why don't you pass your GED first then we'll talk? Law school is no joke and your undergrad is a big part of getting accepted. You'll need at least a 3.9 GPA all the way through undergrad to even be considered. You need to work on your grammar and spelling before you make another post as well.
lild12 Posted - 11 September 2008 23:51  Show Profile
You must be the biggest dick i've ever seen on the internet...You don't need a 3.9 GPA to be considered for law school, you can get into NYU of all schools with a 3.5 GPA, Ga State Law with less so unless u plan on going to Harvard, Yale, or some other IV league school a 3.9 GPA is more then enough but NOT required. So why dont you get the proverbial broom from out of your ass and grow up ^.^ btw u'll make a rather shitty lawyer since you can't even do basic research to figure out simple ass shit.
TRIALandERROR Posted - 4 November 2008 19:32  Show Profile
See my post in the general LSAT forum for recommendations on studying for the LSAT. FYI: Although the GPA is taken into consideration, the LSAT score is the single most determining factor for getting into law school.
missieb Posted - 27 December 2009 18:21  Show Profile
How hard is it to do well on the LSAT? I am an older student with a lot of drive and have a 3.75 GPA. I am very worried I will do well since I have little time to study for this test. Class load is light rignt now but LSAT is only a month and a half away!
brownchriswayne Posted - 8 June 2010 7:13  Show Profile
There is LSAT testing material available. Email me at brownchriswayne@yahoo.com I have some excellent sources that I feel will help you prepare for the LSAT. In the subject area of the email write test sources.
uchrisbrown Posted - 5 September 2010 23:39  Show Profile
The LSAT can be prepared by increasing your vocabulary and studying thought process questions. I have some excellent sources that I can email you that will help you pass any test that you take. Email me at brownchriswayne@yahoo.com and in the subject area write (test sources). I will then email you what I have.</P><P>I have also listed some valuable sources below that can help you concerning self improvement in different areas of your l. By improving in different areas, you have better success in different jobs,tests, ect. The sources are below.</P><P>free newsletter with valuable information on various topics:</P><P>http://tinyurl.com/27qmgqf</P><P>additional valuable sources:</P><P>http://www.webanswers.com/jobs-careers/hiring-firing/what-are-the-best-job-sites-691073</P><P><BR>http://www.webanswers.com/education/special-education/what-books-we-have-to-refer-for-entrance-exams-81cda7</P><P>ttp://www.webanswers.com/education/teaching/do-you-think-that-the-personal-intelligences-are-as-important-as-linguistic-ec2d36</P><P><BR>
armyfuture Posted - 26 July 2011 1:26  Show Profile
I&#8217;m a bit embarrassed using this forum to get some answers. But I figured that the best way to obtain truth is to talk to folks that are already in the law school trenches. After 25+ years serving our Nation in the Army, I retired and have elected to pursue a lifelong dream to attend law school. I won&#8217;t bore you with my undergraduate background since most of you were twinkles in your parent&#8217;s eyes when I first started college and marched across the plains at West Point. Despite a number of graduate degrees and life experiences I&#8217;m not ready to begin the quest for a law degree. I would greatly appreciate any advice regarding the best way to prepare for the LSAT and law school in general. I've taken a number of practice LSATs, but I'm not sure if they provide a true reflection of what to expect during the actual exam. Also, pls hold the comments about alzheimer&#8217;s and using a walker when I do cross the stage to get my law degree.
jack13 Posted - 28 July 2011 17:4  Show Profile
Does anyone use braindumps? some sites sell that crap anyone think its worth it?
meganlayton Posted - 13 November 2013 0:14  Show Profile
I am preparing to take the LSAT upon June 12. I have been advised by one of the research analyst at http://www.writinghelp.co.uk/coursework/ that princeton evaluate is a good LSAT program. But if the school doesn&#8217;t do the job inside your plan, acquire their analyze guideline eBook via borders. We applied both equally sources.
Teseta23 Posted - 7 January 2015 11:19  Show Profile
****o everyone, I am anti****ting taking the LSAT in June; does anyone have any specific ideas on how to prep for the analytical reasoning portion? for me that section is my greatest challenge.
Nedofilth Posted - 1 March 2017 1:11  Show Profile
Hey, a don`t undertand you, what is LSAT?

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