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Ajeel06Posted - 21 May 2006 9:55  Show Profile
unlike most of u people....i'm 17 and i should have dropped out many years ago...i'm in 10th grade.....held back because of silly reasons like moving from one school to another.....failing entrance exams....any ways i plan on taking the GED....it shouldn't be hard because i'v taken most of the classes in school....such as geomertry, ss, and science.....but i took the pre test thingys and i got a 60%....why is that.....well i cant say i actually sat down and was serious about taking it the first time....i would play guitar every 4-5 min before answering the next question.....another thing is that i am in kuwait...i'll be going to maryland pretty soon ...but i plan on taking the test here.....is there any website i can order the test...some websites like prometric cost about $250 dollers....it doesn't seem reasonable
zreid Posted - 22 May 2006 0:24  Show Profile
I took the GED in New Zealand through prometric and yes it was expensive (about $400USD) but it's the only real way I found of taking the test outside the US. Legitimate tests are not available online as they have to be monitored.
Ajeel06 Posted - 22 May 2006 7:57  Show Profile
can i take the GED durring the summer and still have time to apply to a college.(even a community college)...or will it be too late, i'v been slacking off all year and i'm worrying about the GED at the last minute. I hope i can still take it and apply to a college durring the summer.
WesleyEvan1 Posted - 29 March 2007 8:31  Show Profile
i feel where you're coming from. im slacking off too much too.
Jesica0217 Posted - 6 April 2007 20:47  Show Profile
We cant take the GED in the summer.. Its just not giving.. but I am going throu the texas workforce center... every state has one I think.. well They are going to pay for my GED test, they have a graduation (everything is paid) and they are going to pay for me to go to COLLEGE! ya.. its like a scholarship, and Ill be able to use the grants Im going to get to live off of!! Im sooo PUMPED!

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