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cutychiku619Posted - 21 May 2006 7:39  Show Profile
can pllzz some one help me answer my question. If i take the act pratice test in this site..will it help my prepare for the real act?

do u have any other sites tht will help me prepare for my act?

cutychiku619 Posted - 21 May 2006 14:38  Show Profile
plllzz some one prely...i rilly need to know if this sites act exam will really help me in the real act...pllzz someone reply..
1589Dragon Posted - 28 May 2006 1:52  Show Profile
Yes everything here is close to what were taking.....
Wency Posted - 16 April 2007 3:17  Show Profile
no.,,, it's far from the real test...<BR> <BR> i think because it is free.
Opengod Posted - 16 September 2010 23:57  Show Profile
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raghav1978 Posted - 28 September 2010 18:2  Show Profile
yes, I hope so, because I am using this to study

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