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babeliciouz23Posted - 18 May 2006 14:58  Show Profile
ive been trying and trying to study for the last couple months and i just get frustrated and stop then start agian. i need some help how how to study and does anyone know where you can actually go for classes? can anyone help me in math, science and social studies? if you can, pleasee help me. thanks
Missmelinda99 Posted - 19 May 2006 3:6  Show Profile
Some community colleges offer GED prep classes.
bensab Posted - 2 June 2006 21:18  Show Profile
speakoutloud.org it's a web site that provide you with all the free classes that you can take to prepare the ged '<BR>good luck
honeywellearo Posted - 3 June 2006 16:42  Show Profile
In todays society I cant believe there are so many CHILDREN under educated these days. Iam behind eveyone that are trying to do better for themselfs. so my hat is off for you.and good luck in your ged. i hope you do well. as for myself yes iam also under educated I did not finish my senior year in high school and now iam trying get hired on at a major company and I also need my ged and I took all (5) test and only passed (1) and that was social studies. So what iam saying is that I need to buckle down and stick my nose in books as well. So I wish you well and STUDY HARD IN THE LONG RUN IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT.<BR> HAPPY DAYS AHEAD

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