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Jenny678Posted - 8 May 2006 12:43  Show Profile
my bf is 26 yrs old and he wants to start med school with me...they said he can take the test to be admiited into the school but around 8 months he would have to get his diploma or ged...he wanted me to look online for some ged test to take...b/c he can't pass the essay part of the ged...im pretty sure the diplomas and ged online are a scam so i don't know what else to do..i told him how to write a basic essay...but i dont think he really gets it
Missmelinda99 Posted - 8 May 2006 14:45  Show Profile
Yeah I think pretty much all of the online things for a High school diaplomas are a scam. You said he still has close to 8 months that is plenty of time for him to practice his writing. I know the library here has some really good books for all parts of the ged. It even has some DVDs and Vhs tapes.
Jenny678 Posted - 9 May 2006 8:26  Show Profile
he kinda wants to do penn foster b/c its legit and he wouldn't have to write an essay to get his diploma or ged...i told him if he wnats to spend 900 bucks on a guarenteed diploma/ged then go ahead...but we're tight on money so i don't know whether hes going to some school and take his ged or penn foster...
Missmelinda99 Posted - 9 May 2006 15:20  Show Profile
Doing the Penn foster thing may take longer than 8 months. I guess it depends on how much time he puts into it in a day.
Jenny678 Posted - 9 May 2006 19:5  Show Profile
yea i suppose well thanks anyway

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