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meagan1Posted - 23 April 2006 0:18  Show Profile
i am preparing to take the ap history test. my teacher claims i will get a 5 but results r showing otherwise. Im only in the 3 range and the test is 2 weeks away .... any advice?
caelanichole Posted - 28 April 2006 10:37  Show Profile
There are a couple of things I suggest. First, don't get worried, the more you worry the worse you'll do. Second, study what you feel you don't know, and just review the things you feel you have a good have a good handle on. Three, STUDY CURRENT HISTORY. Last year there were so many questions about Vietnam, Korea, and even Carter, Ragen, Bush, and Clinton. GOOD LUCK!
jcalhounm Posted - 26 April 2007 10:39  Show Profile
eat a good breakfast
ElO07 Posted - 6 May 2007 23:0  Show Profile
For some reason, my teacher keeps emphasizing on the topics of Women suffrage, slavery in the 1800s Hamiltons plan and Clay's american system... I know for sure ther's going to be alot of questions on the new deal and progressivism..... for essay probaly.. MY WRITING IS HORRIBLE!! And so are is my ability in distiguising what parties wanted what.. like democrats fed, jeffersonians, whigs, repubs, and so on... I WANT A 4!!!!!!!!!! But yeah, I heard if you do'nt know a question it's just best to leave it blank, cus it's like the SATS they don't mark you.... IT'S THIS FRIDAY!! I'M UBERLY NERVOUS!<BR>=(
APUSHER Posted - 8 May 2007 19:25  Show Profile
Reform, non-white and female history. Also take a look at recent history - it's been 30 yrs since Vietnam so it is just starting to appear. Also check out this website -- http://www.historyteacher.net/USQuizMainPage.htm
APUSHER Posted - 8 May 2007 19:28  Show Profile
If you can eliminate at least one answer, answer it. Stats are on your side then.
owenzel Posted - 9 May 2007 21:43  Show Profile
HAHA so im so screwed. we are in history right now review. our exam is tmrw :( so yeah our class uses blackboard. and since im in korea im a day ahead so maybe i can post some websites. i found this awesome website where you can take quizzes and test yourself. and also a 79 page review of all history.</P><P>http://home.att.net/~betsynewmark/1APUSHquizzes.html<BR> </P><P>and </P><P>http://www.historyteacher.net/USQuizMainPage.htm</P><P>and we also have this guy who looked thru the tests from a long time ago, and it appears that imperialism hasnt be on the test for a while so that might show up <BR>
bobbiefisher Posted - 4 May 2008 15:7  Show Profile
The greatest advice ever told to me was by one of the orginal founding fathers of this great nation. &quot;I have a dream!,&quot; Alexander Hamilton said as he ask Congress to pass his American System plan. &quot;To have people tell me that's it's not what this country can do for you but what you can do for your country.&quot;</P><P>Honestly I'm completely screwed. For the next week I'm going to studing my butt of, and the day of the test I'll go and get myself a nice breakfast burrito. GO PROTEIN!!!<BR>
brownchriswayne Posted - 7 June 2010 10:31  Show Profile
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smith089 Posted - 14 October 2010 21:14  Show Profile
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sfhdweb Posted - 1 December 2010 1:36  Show Profile
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darlene2014 Posted - 29 March 2012 15:6  Show Profile
i jus took the mock it was sooooo hard no one knew the answers and on the essay portion they gave us two hours evrybody finished a hr+ early the teachers got so mad b/c we started playing:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
polly123 Posted - 23 April 2012 23:4  Show Profile
e thing is to study hard but dont burn your self out and dont worry

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