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SubnetZeroPosted - 28 June 2001 4:28  Show Profile
Hey, has anyone here used this site? http://www.techvids.com I am completely lost with this subnetting stuff and everything I''ve read makes no sense to me.
Beemer Posted - 3 September 2001 1:15  Show Profile
Subnetting is difficult but you will get the hang of it. I cannot discuss it properly here but you can email specific questions to me at warriorack@swko.net I cannot promise that I will be able to answer all questions but for basic ip subnetting I can be of assistance.
arpitdubey Posted - 12 February 2009 14:53  Show Profile
If you forgotten no prob, ask ur questions here. i will sure reply you or provide you docs about it</P><P>you may mail me arpit.dubey@gmail.com

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