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Boobaby121Posted - 13 April 2006 12:44  Show Profile
Hey, I'm 18 and swore up and down that I would get my GED the minute I turned 16... Well I haven't. I plan on going for a practice test but I'm to nervous to, I don't want to fail. Any advice would be great, or even a study buddy? I have aim. :)
lildevil862007 Posted - 13 April 2006 18:30  Show Profile
hey dont be soo nervous it is not that hard. i actually only went as far as the 9 and sort of the 10th grade. i went and took my ged back in november of last year i thought that i was going to flunk the ged big time. i had never seen alot of the questions that were on the ged test before but there is a couple of websites that i could give you if you would like to go to them. ill give you my email address and you can email if you would like the websites.... my email addy is lildevil862007@hotmail.com</P><P>ok i hope to hear bk fm you
Missmelinda99 Posted - 14 April 2006 3:32  Show Profile
You are not the only one that is nervous about taking it. I have completed many practice test online where I usually get above an 80% on. I just can't stand getting anything less than 100% because then I feel like I could have done better. I would love to start college in the fall but that means I have got to go take the test soon.</P><P>Melinda

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