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babypaw18Posted - 10 April 2006 13:16  Show Profile
-Before you write your essay, make notes. Decide what your answer is and then make a list of 1-3 words for each point of why that is your answer. Make your points from least important to the most important.
- Make sure you have the correct form. Intro, body(1,2 or 3) and a conclusion.
In your bodies, use the note points to guide you. Stick to the points and the order of them.
- Use a lot of words like first, next, finally, then, however and although to keep your points in order.
- Ask yourself, "Does each point answer the topic question?" If not, don't put it.
-This is an opinion essay. There is no right or wrong answer. Focus more on your format and if there is enough information.
-They do not focus on grammar to much. As long as it does not affect how the essay is read.
- Always reread your essay. Do it slowly so that you can notice any errors or sentences that do make mistakes.

Any more questions, email me.

Bibi77 Posted - 17 May 2006 18:5  Show Profile
I score 400 on my essay. I needed to score at least 410 to pass.I was almost there.What should I do next to pass this essay?
zuzuspedals Posted - 21 June 2006 22:44  Show Profile
Babypaw18, thank you for the good info., about how to write the essay. That's going to really help me, and I'm sure other's as well.
krl Posted - 23 June 2006 11:12  Show Profile
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