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SubnetZeroPosted - 28 June 2001 4:27  Show Profile
Hey, has anyone here used this site? http://www.techvids.com I am completely lost with this subnetting stuff and everything I''ve read makes no sense to me.
nortibra2001 Posted - 8 September 2001 18:6  Show Profile
How are you doing with subnetting? I don''t know much yet but I did find some good info using www.dogpile.com // search for "subnet masking".
mscreant Posted - 16 October 2001 16:1  Show Profile
anything in particular? It took me 6 months to get it!
CatFan Posted - 13 November 2001 16:54  Show Profile
Have a look at the CBT Nuggets site. There is a great online video which runs for around 30 minutes and takes you thru subnetting from scratch. And if you can''t run the online video you can order a free CD with the tutorial on it.</P><P>

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