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kbeverittPosted - 21 March 2006 0:25  Show Profile
People dont screw up like I did!

& I need help with finding out how to get my GED!

Adrienne09 Posted - 9 October 2006 9:8  Show Profile
Damn. That really sucks. How did you screw up that much??
Jesica0217 Posted - 7 March 2007 14:8  Show Profile
in TEXAS after your 21 and your still in HS you have to pay for it. outta pocket.. if you call your local schools they can tell you about the ged program.. also try public office, such as library, colleges, ect
kylefetro9 Posted - 19 March 2008 15:4  Show Profile
maybe you should just quit at everything
kylefetro9 Posted - 19 March 2008 15:6  Show Profile
plus I got a 36 on my ACT when I was a freshmen
rosebud475 Posted - 5 April 2008 19:2  Show Profile
Wow, study really hard and try to take classes that will help you forward quickly. but whatever you don't quit !!!that would ruin your life more then anything else every would.
haleyCT Posted - 8 May 2008 11:47  Show Profile
If youre honestly goin to try then suck up all the whining and go for it!!! you can do anything you set ur mind to!!<BR>try to contact your local c.college if your gonna get ya GED. Just remember weather its ya diploma or GED- DONT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!
Bubbles15 Posted - 3 June 2008 16:22  Show Profile
Ok whoever just told this person to just quit at everything is an asshole u shouldnt listen to them u should actually try...u've come too far to stop now.
SmartGem Posted - 23 July 2008 15:22  Show Profile
that kinda sucks. cheer up. it's not like trying is going to make things worse, right?</P><P>what happened anyway? i can understand that this is personal, and you may perhaps do not wish to share...but i'm just curious. ^^;;</P><P>held back? medical issues? moving regulations? financial problems? or something else? *shrugs* there may be other people with similar situations who could help you.
sachsau Posted - 15 September 2008 2:20  Show Profile
what should I do to top in board exams?<BR>How will Iprepare for it ? Suggestme.
bossymandy Posted - 15 September 2008 13:48  Show Profile
i dont think theres any thing wrong with that as long as your trying to better your self now.
kixxx Posted - 29 September 2008 13:0  Show Profile
just give up on life.
Forgetthepast Posted - 16 February 2009 15:35  Show Profile
Well I'm sixteen about to turn seventeen next month &amp; I'm on a either grade education. Like I messed up my life by that too.. so I know how it is, trust me!<BR>Just try your best and stuff..<BR>I think I gunna start taking online classes,<BR>but just have no idea how to even start that..lol
MarkFeild Posted - 19 October 2013 5:31  Show Profile
Now the days are studying truly hard and attempt to take classes that will help you send rapidly. Be that as it may whatever you don't stop !!! That might demolish your existence more than whatever else might be available. http://www.mayfielduniversity.com/schools-majors/psychology/
Gabrielle_Airforce Posted - 8 July 2019 13:26  Show Profile

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