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sexycandygirlPosted - 20 March 2006 23:58  Show Profile

im new here, my name is patricia im from las vegas nevada. i am home-schooled and i am 17, and i would like to complete my education by taking the GED test. i am really really really really nervous to take it, i haven't set up the date yet. but i have been studying very hard for the GED test. i keep telling myself, "oh i'll just take it next month or i'll take it next year" i was planing on getting it when i was 16 but i was afraid that i might fail.

i really do want to ask questions about how you took it. i already know the full material of it, and i understand what you have to do or answer. my brother took the ged test and he passed. he told me that he is horrible at math and everything, and he passed it. that gives me alittle bit of confidence. the only thing i need in this test is confidence.

so is there anything i need to know or any tips that i need to know to pass?.

glogirl Posted - 21 March 2006 7:12  Show Profile
Just wanted you to know that from what I heard the GED isn't very hard. In fact, some of the practice test's online are harder than the actual tests. I've been procrastinating on taking the GED for 5 years. Everytime I said I'm going to do it, I'd get side tracked by lifes problem's. I don't want to let that happen anymore. But I'm pretty nervous, especially since I haven't been in school for 10 years...
shatze16 Posted - 24 March 2006 12:5  Show Profile
I am new here as well. I am 24 and have been out of school for almost 8 years. I have put off getting my Ged. I have used the exuse that I needed to work and take care of my son so I did not have time. But now that I am job hunting again I realize just how hard it is to get a job without one. I want to set a good example for my son, he will be starting school this year, and I want him to respaect me. So I have made a decision to get my GED by Dec so I can start the next year fresh. My husband does not have his GED either and it really makes it hard on all of us. Wish me luck.
keisha4612 Posted - 24 March 2006 19:13  Show Profile
I haven't been in school for 5 years also, but cause i've laggin but it's worth you really need it to live good. I've been trying to get my husband to get his to. I'ts hard finding a god job with out.
missy51298 Posted - 5 April 2006 11:8  Show Profile
The Ged Test is not hard at all. Just relax because if you don't you will forget everything you have study for.
Missmelinda99 Posted - 9 April 2006 4:40  Show Profile
You are not alone. I'm in Las Vegas too. I'm soon going to be 25. I quit high school close to the end of my 10th grade year. I was in advanced honor classes but I'm terrorfied to go take the Ged. I've been putting it off for five years now. I hae worked at Wal Mart since I was 18. I'm sick of working at Wal Mart I have got to do something.

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